オリジナル勉強風呂Gu 第356回 2022.3/9




The woman who appeared in Samanokami's tale and bit his finger may be impressive as a piece of memory.  But if you must live with her, you may be annoyed because she will do nothing but nuisance.  And the woman who took a showy attitude of playing the koto also in his tale has a considerable sin against the public order.  When I think of the unreliable woman again in my tale referring to the two examples in his tale, it is possible that she ran away with another man instead of me.  Things having reached this point, we cannot decide definitely which woman is good or bad.  The relationships between man and woman, I guess, have defferent forms.  So many couples, so many forms.  It will make little sense to compare this couple with that.

S先生:第3文主部の関係代名詞節はこれでもよいですが、少し硬いので、who played the koto beautifully くらいに簡潔に書いても良いと思います。また第3文述部も「社会秩序に対する罪」とのことですが、大仰です。ここは should be blamed for her excessive sensuality くらいでどうでしょうか。第4文の in my tale と instead of me は、ややくどい感じがするので、思い切って除外しましょう。第5文冒頭の独立分詞構文「ことここに至っては」「以上に鑑みて」は感じが出ていますが省略しようと思えばできないこともないですね。第7文の So many couples, so many forms.「人それぞれ」は、So many men, so many minds. でも良いでしょう。格言みたいでいい感じです。

So it might be difficult for you to forget the woman who bit Sama-no-Kami's finger.  She would remain in your memory, I suppose.  But if you should live with her, you will find her burdensome and be fed up with her.  And I think that even the woman who played the koto decently should be blamed for her sensuality.  Judging from this, it cannot be denied that the unreliable woman whom I told you about just now might have run away with her love.  You can hardly decide which woman is better or worse.  In my opinion, since the relations between men and women are not simple, you will find various kinds of couples with both good points and bad points.  It seems no use to compare one with another.